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Important Links

Information about Alzheimer's Disease from the NIH

Alzheimer's Genetics Risk Fact Sheet from NIH

Alzheimer's Weekly and Dementia Weekly Newsletter

Information about Coconut Oil & Video Interview - OrganicCoconutOil.info

Information about Coconut Oil - CoconutResearch.org

Fuel for Thought from Cognate Nutritionals. An MCT oil and coconut oil 1 oz. drink

Coeurisma - Organic Coconut oil and Tillie's Dark Chocolate Coconut Oil (We LOVE it)

B4 Neuro-Restore - Coconut-based Botanical Dietary Supplement for Brain Health

CapTri- A tricaprylic acid (c:8) MCT Oil from Parrillo Performance

Alpha Health Gourmet Salad Oil -MCT oil + coconut oil + chia oil blend

Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy USA - The Charlie Foundation

Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy UK - Matthew's Friends

For people with early onset Alzheimer's - ForMemory.org


Winning the Fight: Protocol for Fighting ALS (Lou Gehrig's)


Weston A. Price Foundation

Watch a video about how ketones work at AcceraPharma.com